Metamorphosis Monday

So I’m posting for the first time for Met Monday. This is also the first peek at my new apartment!

My new place is in an old brownstone, so it has some ridiculously high ceilings. I wanted to take advantage of all that vertical height and do something a little different in my bedroom. I didn’t think a framed picture would work above the bed. It just wouldn’t be large enough. And I didn’t want to block the view out the window by getting a canopy bed or doing anything with draping. So I hopped on Etsy and started looking at decals.

Here is the before:

And here is the after:

I had to modify the decal a bit. It was made to look like the tree extends all the way past the ceiling, but since my ceilings are so tall, I had to do some cutting and pasting to make it look like a full tree. I also applied it like a big idiot–I was precariously balancing on a step ladder on my bed since I don’t have a ladder big enough to reach that high up the wall. The whole time I was thinking “I should have a ‘do not attempt this at home’ banner above my head!” But I survived, and the decal went on pretty easily.

Hopefully as my place comes together in the next few months, I’ll have more metamorphoses to show you all. For now, skip on over to Susan’s for some more Met Monday goodness!

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7 Responses to Metamorphosis Monday

  1. Tys says:

    I think that tree decal is a perfect way to taken advantadge of AND show off your high ceilings! Best wishes on your decorating adventures!

  2. scribbler says:

    Interesting! Wall decals are new to me. Your apartment looks like an exciting new project.

  3. xinex says:

    It turned out really pretty. I like the falling leaves too….Christine

  4. I love this…it is so pretty…great idea!!!

  5. Erin, congratulations on your new apartment! The tree was a great idea.

  6. Ashley says:

    The tree looks perfect there!

  7. LOL! It made me laugh to picture you perched on that ladder wobbeling on the bed! What a daring gal you are! lol! Anyway, great job on the decals. They look just fabulous! Happy MM to you!xoxo laurie

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