Some thrifting hits and a miss

So I made my first trip to my neighborhood Goodwill recently! I was so excited to finally explore what CT has to offer in terms of thrifting. And I think I did ok. Here’s my loot:

I also picked up an awesome pair of retro earrings and a bunch of records that I didn’t photograph.

The ’70s “keys” sign was a whopping 79¢. I was going to paint it, but I kinda like the retro feel of the wood. It’s hanging above my coat and key rack right now.

The ribbon was a great find as I was running out and had some presents to send. It was 49¢.

I was so excited to find the cake Tupperware thingie. It’s the exact same one that my mom has. My friend and I get together every Wednesday to watch The Bachelor on Hulu and she made a delicious lemon cake that we needed to transport and neither of us had a cake carrier. Well, for $2.99, now I do! I did a little research on the interwebs, and people are selling these “vintage” cake carriers for $15 to $30. Ha, one woman’s Goodwill find is another woman’s overpriced ebay auction.

The gold napkin holder I have decided to use as a letter holder to keep my counters clear. I think it looks a bit classier this way too. But it may get a turquoise spray paint job and become a napkin holder again. We shall see. It was all of 49¢.

I have one thrifting regret this week, though. Yesterday on Craigslist there was listed the most awesome retro chrome kitchen table, in bright red. It would match peeeerfectly with my vision of a future kitchen. Two examples are below:

(Image from

(Image from

Now, I don’t really have anywhere to put a kitchen table. But the seller said they were going to throw it away if it didn’t sell! And it was only listed at $60! And it would match all my red kitchen accessories! And I did some research and they usually go for upwards of $300! (I bet you can tell where this is going.)

I convinced myself I could put it in the dark, scary-as-hell basement of my building (I swear there are probably corpses of dead cats down there). So after hemming and hawing over it for two days, I decided to call and see if it was still available. I left a very nice message and I still haven’t heard back. I’m so disappointed! I doubt I’ll ever be able to find another table like this without shelling out the big bucks. But maybe this is serendipitous and I will need that $60 soon. Aren’t I good at convincing myself?

Hope you all had a great weekend!

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