Three months of radio silence…

…sounds about typical for me. If I have any readers left (or had any to begin with) sorry and all that jazz.

But moving on, I have tons of projects to start sharing. The past six months have been full of awesome thrift store finds and room re-dos. I’ll hopefully have a complete living room makeover to share next week. And then I have two new projects that I want to share in real time on the blog. One is a rehaul of my bedroom. That might take awhile, and I hope to get everyone’s advice and critiques as I undertake this project.

The second project I will be documenting is my friend, Lauren’s, brand spanking new apartment transformation. She is moving into a two bedroom with her two “bitches.” The bitches are pretty awesome, I will admit, but they can’t hold a paint brush or take a photo, so I’ll be helping with that.

The bitches on the beach.

To kick off my projects, I thought I’d share a couple ideas for my new bedroom. I am torn between a more subdued, Hollywood Regency look, and a more vibrant, Miami/South Beach/Palm Springs inyoface look.

The Hollywood Regency idea all started from this mirror from my grandmother’s house and the soft blue/green of the rug I already own.

(The rug in this photo is NOT the rug I have in my room. This is a photo my mom sent of the mirror at my parents’ house.)

Here is how I envision the Hollywood Regency contender. Very girlie, I know. But it’s my “boudoir” if you will and I don’t reallygiveadamn.

bedroom inspiration

This photo from the Lords Hotel in South Beach sums up my inspiration for the Miami/Palm Springs vibe. I mean, you can do worse than a huge photo of Liz above your bed! A tad more modern as well.

I only realized after throwing both of these inspirational images up on this here blog that they employ the same colors, turquoise and gold, but in very different ways. I know what I like, huh? So, dearest readers who may or may not exist, which do you think I should go with?

Oh, and did I mention I plan to do this project on less than $100? Yep, that’s right, $100. Wish me luck, dear friends, for I shall need it.

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