I need your help and creativity!

Inspiration by CB2
My paternal grandmother died two years ago and finally, after many months of trying to sell her three houses, two of them sold in the same week. Strange how that happens, no? So my family has been in a tizzy trying to clear about all the furniture and get the houses ready to hand them over to their new families. It’s a sad end to an era.
But last night I got a call from my mom, telling me to open my email. When I did I saw four emails with a bunch of different photos of furniture that my brother and I can now divide amongst ourselves. This is great, I get to inherit some really nice antiques and I’m only in my 20s!
Only I’m not so sure about some of the stuff. Here’s the deal: for the past couple weeks I’ve been torturing myself on Craigslist, looking at apartments in the city to where I will be moving in August for grad school. After moving 10 times in the past eight years, I am SO excited to find a place that I really like and where I can spend the next five to seven years (however long it takes me to get my PhD!). And in that process, I have been envisioning getting some more “grown up” furniture and really fleshing out my personal style.
Rustic meets chic for my future dining room chandelier, from the 2008 CB2 catalog.
And it’s definitely not this dark mahogany antique style. I envision my future place as a little bit of CB2 with a dash of quirky Anthropologie mixed in. Think a modern feel with rustic details: neutral sofas, a bright leaf green accent wall, a cool birch wall tapestry from Ikea, a soft orange master bedroom accented with primary colors, lots of glass and clean lines and unexpected over-sized art.
Cool Ikea panel that you can find here.
Here are the photos of the things I might be getting. Do you think I could incorporate these into this design vision somehow?

Currently, my studio has a nautical/coastal Pottery Barn feel. I could see some of this working there. For instance, the glass topped end table could probably serve as a showcase for shells. But I do want to something more modern for my future place.

Any suggestions from the ladies and gents out there in blogland on how I can “make it work” as Tim Gunn would say, would be greatly appreciated!

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3 Responses to I need your help and creativity!

  1. Shannon M says:

    I'm not much help. I love all the old furniture you are getting though!!!I think the desk is great AS IS. But it is totally my style. ;)The wicker chair would be nicewith a modern upgrade. You could paint it lime green or bright blue to modernize it and add a new cushion.If the budget allows, you could reupholster the first chair too in a funky fabric. It has great lines!

  2. Susan F says:

    I personally think just about all of it could work in one way or another but I like contemporary mixed with traditional.The desk would be awesome painted either white, black or a funky color…I can see that end table painted white or turqouise..your shells wold be great in it..that pink wing/club style chair could be awesome re upholstered in an updated fabric!!Heck..it can all work!! Re work them all to fit into your style.Look around, thru mags etc and you will see A LOT of new modern/contemporary pieces mixed w/traditional and vintage stuff!!

  3. ElleX says:

    I know it is a bit late…but I really like all the pieces. They can be updated with paint and fabric to fit your style. These pieces are classic and classic never goes out of style.

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