First ever Met Monday

Hey All,
Today is my first day to post as part of Susan’s Metamorphosis Monday! This is definitely a mini met, but one that has made a nice impact in my tiny studio. Below is what my bookcase looked like before last night.

And here is what it looks like now!

I’ve always admired the way books have been organized in the catalogs and magazines according to color, but I always thought myself more practical than that. My books were organized by subject: one shelf for literary classics (Shakespeare, Canterbury Tales), one for science fiction and fantasy (Mary Stewart, Susanna Clarke), one for text books, one for nonfiction, one for reference. However, my bookshelf was slowly becoming overrun by books and knickknacks (there being little space for display in my studio) and something had to be done!

Now all the books are living amongst each other! I tried to organize them as best I could and I’m happy with the results, even though the last shelf is not really in the Roy G. Biv scheme, as it holds larger binders and photo albums.

I even put my knickknacks back on the shelves, and this time I put them on the shelf according to color too. And don’t judge me by the books! Yes, that is the entire Twilight Saga you spy. But it’s next to Why Sex Matters, one of my favorite anthro books. What would Stephanie Meyer say to that I wonder?

Happy met Monday everyone!

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One Response to First ever Met Monday

  1. Gloria says:

    Great job on matching the colors of the books! Looks really nice, and "neat" too! :)Best regards,Gloria

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