So, where have I been?

I just checked the date on my last post, and I’m definitely embarrassed that it was over two months ago! Ok, on to the excuses! I’ve been gone almost every weekend since early February to visit graduate school programs. My hermit lifestyle this fall and winter when I rarely saw the light of day while doing applications paid off and I’ve been accepted to a lot of places. So now, the hard part: deciding.

But in those rare weekends when I was at home I was able to have a couple dinner parties. The first one was an annual “Singles Valentine’s Day Fondue Party.” I’ve had this one a couple times now, and I love throwing it! Unfortunately, I completely forgot to take photos. And I had arranged a really cute tablescape to boot!

So, the next one was this past week. I put the slow cooker to use for the first time and made some scrumptious corned beef and cabbage (if I do say so myself). I’ve never made this dish before but it turned out so good, my dear friend Patrick had four (FOUR!) servings. I guess his name required it.

Patrick and Cindy

As you can see in the photos, I have a somewhat pathetic dining room table–in the fact that I have neither dining room nor table. I live in a teeny tiny studio, so we make do on the coffee table. This coffee table, in fact, was stolen by my dad back in the ’70s from the common room of his college dorm. It has matching end tables. Just for that fact, I adore it! I can imagine my dad, around 19 at the time probably, thinking “wow, I need some tables, let’s just take these!” Not that I condone stealing or anything. But just the thought makes me laugh!

The spread

For the table setting, I used green place mats and a green shamrock tablecloth I have left over from a college party where we made all of our friends green pancakes St. Patrick’s Day morning. No green plates, so my Ikea set had to do. All in all, not a shabby dinner party for a chick on a budget.

How did you celebrate your St. Paddy’s Day?

Also, I’m looking for some new recipes for my slow cooker, in case anyone has any. Thanks!

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2 Responses to So, where have I been?

  1. Gloria says:

    Hi, Erin! Loved your post – a few comments: I LOVED the story about your Dad at 19 and taking the tables! And the St. Paddy's Day dinner looks fabulous and your friends look so nice! Also, don't feel bad about not having a dining room OR a table. Your friends look very happy and that's the most important thing. My home is tiny, so I know how it is and I read this somewhere once: A SMALL HOUSE CAN HOLD AS MUCH HAPPINESS AS A BIG HOUSE. And I can definitely see that you have a lot of happiness in your studio! One more thing: Crockpot recipe: Put a whole chicken it, put a couple of pats of butter on it, and sprinkle with lemon pepper (inside the cavity and on the skin). I made this in the oven once, and the lemon pepper was delicious, my son loved it. I am sure it would work in the crock pot too, as whole chickens do well in a crock pot. Good luck! And I am sorry this comment is SO LONG!!!!!!!!!Best regards,Gloria

  2. Erin says:

    Thanks so much Gloria! My parents are visiting next weekend, so I might try out the chicken recipe. Thanks for the long comment!! I do love the saying you posted. I will remember this when I'm bemoaning the lack of a dining room table again….haha!

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