My first followers!

Hi Everyone! I was so happy today to log in and see that I have followers! (Ok, so I admit, Amanda was my first follower, but she’s a lifelong friend so she doesn’t completely count…I hope you’re not offended Amanda!) I guess this means that I have to take this blog thing seriously and actually find some things to post about…!

So welcome everyone! Thank you for all the supportive commenters out there too! Looks like a lot of people have the same idea for a new year’s resolution as I did–starting a blog. It will be fun visiting all the new blogs and making some new bloggy friends!

There will be some posts over the weekend, I’m sure, as I finally put those Christmas decorations away!

TGIF! (that was a lot of exclamation points for one post, but I am truly excited)

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One Response to My first followers!

  1. Welcome to Blogland, Erin! You're going to have so much fun and make so many new friends! 🙂

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