Brown paper packages….

Tied up with string!

Ok, so not exactly string, packing tape, but the sentiment is the same! For Christmas my fabulous brother gifted me a slow cooker and a popcorn maker! I was soooooo happy! He must think I’m Martha Stewart over here or something, because for my birthday he gave me a set of pots and pans! I keep telling him to come visit me from Chicago and I’ll cook him up a feast.

The best part about the pocorn maker is that santa brought me a TV in his sled! Now I can have the girls over for movie night. I have a friend who’s never seen Empire Records, so we’ve had a standing date to see it for months.

Any other suggestions for fun girlie movies? I’ve been really, really, really disapointed with the romcom fair out there lately. 27 Dresses? Come on Hollywood! You can do better! Ok, I’m off to look for slow cooker recipes to break mine in!

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2 Responses to Brown paper packages….

  1. Gloria says:

    Santa was good to you! Enjoy your TV! :)I've never seen "Empire Records" – I will have to see what that is, since I never heard of it!Best regards,Gloria

  2. Erin says:

    Gloria, it's a really cute movie from the '90s. I adored it around 6th grade. I'm pretty sure you can get it on Netflix!

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